Sunday, February 17, 2013

What are you doing to avoid winter blues??

For most people in the United States and Canada, for the last couple of months and probably for a couple more, it's been cold, gloomy with quite a bit of snow.  You haven't seen the sun for days and you would give anything to just get a few minutes of it!  I know that's where I'm at right about now.  Seasonal affective disorder aka the winter blues is real and it affects a lot of people.

Although it may seem impossible to beat, it can be done!  I know what really helps me is, even when I don't feel like going to the gym, I force myself to, at least five days a week.  Another great thing that I know personally works is a tanning bed, in moderation, a couple of times a week.  Here is a great website that has other solutions for curing the winter blues.

I personally feel the most effective solution is the tanning bed.  Do you ever wonder why you don't have this depression in the winter?  Hence the reason it's called the winter blues!!  Tanning beds were made to mimic the sun and it does just that.  The great thing is that it's in a much more controlled environment and you spend less time in it than you would the sun.  After ten minutes, you feel rejuvenated.  I can bet anyone can go to a tanning salon a couple times a week for the amount of time a professional working at a salon feels the most appropriate time would be for your skin type and after a few weeks, I'm very confident anyone would feel at least a bit better.  One of the main issues is that more than 90-95% of US citizens and Canadians are vitamin D deficient and that definitely contributes to ones depression.  Vitamin D is on almost every cell of the body so, it's vital to survival.

I know I'm no professional and have no right to diagnose anyone, I know there are great resources that you can look at when searching for answers.  I know most doctors and websites may steer you toward taking some sort of medication but, from personal experiences, make that a last resort!  For years and years people have been using natural cures for many different issues, including seasonal affective disorder.  Here are a few that I've checked out...

To many I may be jumping the gun for some but, I wonder if dermatologists and sunscreen companies didn't give such a bad name to tanning salons and the sun, would SAD be such an issue?  Definitely something to think about.

What do you do to beat the winter blues?!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is the Skin Cancer Foundation really looking out for our best interest?

The Skin Cancer Foundation is at it again folks and this time it's really making me wonder if they have the population's best interest in mind at all!  They recently released a press release stating they've busted myths surrounding vitamin D and sun exposure. In this article they state a few so called facts on how the sun isn't an efficient source of vitamin D and that you should depend on supplements and diet to get the recommended amount, and some more bologna that is just silly.

I'm not sure where they got their sources, but SCIENCE and NATURE can prove all of their "facts" wrong.  The sun is the ONLY natural source of vitamin D. You can't realistically get enough vitamin D from food sources, and while supplements are an option, they certainly are not natural or as efficient as the sun. And their claim that after more that 8 minutes in the sun your vitamin D level will actually go down -- that's absurd and absolutely not backed by science.

I read in one of the person's comments below stating that the Skin Cancer Foundation is funded by 69 companies, all of which are cosmetic companies or ones who benefit from the sun scare that has undoubtedly created a vitamin D deficiency epidemic.  I did a little research of my own to verify, and sadly it's true. If you click on the link and go to the bottom of the page to Corporate Supporters, you can click in each category and see a number of companies.  So, this makes me wonder, who are they really working for?  Who are they here to help?  I've always been weary of this foundation as well as a few others, and for them to bash the sun as not being the most vital source for your vitamin D proves that their pocket books are more important than your health.

Here are a few articles that are stating the exact opposite of what the Skin Cancer Foundation is claiming.
Sun and Vitamin D article
Sun and Vitamin D article
Sun and Vitamin D article

Now, I don't want to say that I disagree that you can't get vitamin D from supplements and from your diet, but they definitely aren't as efficient as the sun.  As far as food goes, you would have to eat about 10 servings of freshwater fish every day or over 100 glasses of milk a day to get the amount of vitamin D you actually need.  Another down side of depending on a supplement for your vitamin D is the risk of toxicity.  Especially when people are deficient, which more than 95% of the US and Canadian population is.  When you take high doses of vitamin D through supplements, your body does not know how to break down the artificial vitamin D and when you take too much and your body doesn't dispose of it, it causes toxicity.  Now, when getting your D from the sun, your body does know how to break it down because it's natural.  This is how God intended us to receive our vitamin D, and for thousands of years, that's how it's been done.  People from ages ago didn't depend on supplements and vitamin D deficiency wasn't an issue, so, why are we doing everything so differently now and scaring people out of the sun?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flu season in full force

This time of the year, it seems like everyone and their mother are getting sick now-a-days. People line up and get the flu shot, thinking they're protecting themselves when in reality they've got like a 50-50 shot but, still end up having flu like symptoms as side effects from having the flu shot.  I'd like to thank my mom now for never having me receive any vaccinations because, I have an immune system made of steel and probably the healthiest out of majority of my friends.  I'm not going to say I never get sick but, it's definitely far and few between.  Now, I'm sure people who are going to read this will say, "you're lucky you didn't get so sick, you need to be vaccinated, that's what protects you."  Blah, blah, blah.  Well, I have something else protecting me and it's free in most cases believe it or not.  Yep, that's right, the sun is my immunity.  Since it is winter season, you can catch me at the tanning salon a couple times a week, where I'll go in a bed for about 15 minutes (for disclosure purposes, I built up to my base tan first, I didn't just jump in a bed the first time for 15 minutes and fry myself.  That people, is why you go to professional salons, they will guide you to a healthy tan.)  If I can't make it to a salon that often, I will opt for vitamin D drops or supplements, even though I'd much rather have the sun or a tanning bed, for the number one reason being it's natural.  The other reason is because your body knows how to naturally break down vitamin D when it receives it from the sun or when you go into a tanning bed.  When you receive it from supplements, it's artificial D and if you take too much and your body can't break it down, that's what causes toxicity.

Now, I'm sure some people won't believe me when I say the sun is your immunity.  So, for that reason, I'm posting a few different articles, which I may add are great sources so, please check them out for yourselves!
Here is one from the Dr. Oz show, I know he is a fan favorite!  Click here
Natural News is a personal favorite of mine as well as many other people who believe in natural lifestyles.  Click here

I know I say this in every article but, please do your own research before someone tells you that you need to go get vaccinated to protect you from something.  At the end of your research, if you still feel that's what's best for you and your family then, move forward with it.  When WebMD even tells me that it's not always effective and it couple possibly cause milder symptoms, than if I weren't to have it, that's not convincing enough for me but, maybe it is for you.  Be wise with the ingredients you're putting in your body because it could end up having a lifetime effect!  Stay pure!

Have you gotten your D today?!  Goodnight, all!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting the New Year with an open mind

Happy New Year, everybody!  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday watching lots of football or whatever it may be that you're doing.  We're enjoying the wonderful weather here in Ft. Myers Beach with the family and I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate.  This won't be a long post today but, more just a thought people could consider for the new year.  

These days, there are so many people that are trained into thinking a certain way and that's the only way they know how to think.  Whether it's something you heard from a friend or read it online, you choose to believe it or not.  What I'm trying to get at is, I feel people need to come with more of an open mind these days.  Once they've heard something that they feel may be true they stick with it, most of the time, not even doing their own research into that topic.  There are certain topics I am talking about and don't get me wrong, there are many, many more controversial topics but, the ones I feel very strongly on and notice a huge uproar are, vaccinations, tanning beds and the sun, cancers and diseases.  I mean we could get into why Michigan State is better than Michigan but, I'd rather keep those debates out of this article! :) I guess I'm more concerned on health issues more than anything.  Yes, I will admit I am pro tanning and pro unvaccinated children but, what I'm getting at is that I still listen to what others have to say when they have an opposite opinion of me. If they have valid points and not just creating some stupid argument, then I am more than willing to listen.  I hope this year, more people can try and accept the challenge of keeping an open mind because, when it comes to these topics, I feel it could save someone's life.  People tend to be so set in there ways and people try to help or give their opinion but, the individual could care less and then by the time they decide to listen, it's almost too late.  We are all guilty of it, shoulda, woulda, coulda... This is something I even plan to improve on and I hope you all can do the same!  It seems like such a simple task but, believe me, it really is a challenge!  

Let's take 2013 and make the best of it!  Have a good day, everyone! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Anti Teen Tan Ban

Alright, I've had enough of this.  I've read articles over the past year and even more so these last few months about a teen tan ban, meaning kids under 18 are prohibited from using a tanning bed. The Government is even going as far as telling salons if they get caught letting minors tan, they will be hit with a huge fine. I have a HUGE problem with this.  Being a parent, this is a decision I should be able to make for my child who is under 18, it shouldn't be up to the government. The information that is being provided to them during this whole issue is so one sided and a lot of it, untrue.  Dermatologists are the biggest problem we have because they are really doing everyone a disservice by telling people not to go out in the sun without sunscreen on or to never step foot in a tanning bed.  People need the UV rays for survival, just like we need water, that's the reason why God created the sun!

After reading this article published about a month ago, it made even more sense to me, Dermatologists are all about the money.  It someone told you that a study shows that 90% of Melanoma Surgeries are unnecessary, would you believe it?  Well, you better because it's true, check it out!!

What a great scare tactic on their part, brilliant non the less making people that they may have skin cancer and making sure to scare them out of the sun or a tanning bed for the rest of their life.  While doing this, you're about to cause a whirlwind of other sicknesses, diseases and even cancers.  How you ask?  Well, the sun and tanning beds are your number one provider of vitamin D, you take that away and you start to see your vitamin D levels decrease immensely.  Yes, there are still supplements BUT, like any other supplement you take, you should know your body disposes of that when you use the restroom, especially if you drink a lot of liquids during the day, it's basically in and out and you're not getting the maximum out of your supplements.  If you're been following my blog or any of my posts on sites, you will come to know how passionate I am on vitamin D, there is a good reason for that, it's because it's SO important to your health.  It literally can prevent or even help cure over 100 different diseases and cancers.  Crazy, huh?  Something as simple as vitamin D could actually save your life and you don't even have to spend money on it!!  The sad part is, there are so many people staying out of the sun and tanning beds now, you will see more people getting sick.

My biggest problem with this teen tan ban is that there is no real proof.  Just because someone went in a tanning bed 10 years ago one time and now they have skin cancer does NOT mean it's from that one tanning experience.  That's the funny part, there are articles that are based on situations like that.  If someone doesn't want their child tanning before they turn 18, let that be the parents decision.  No professional tanning salon should let a child under 18 tanning without a parents consent anyway.  If they do, then that's a salon you want to avoid because they obviously aren't about following all the rules.  If you support this tan ban, please make sure you do some solid research before you are 100% behind it.  I mean I could list off a number of FACTS that I'm sure would really surprise you.  Such as, most melanomas are found in spots that aren't usually seen by the sun, like the scalp or behind your ears.  Tell me, how would a tanning bed or the sun cause that?  Or that if you were a skin type one, you could get skin cancer without ever being exposed to UV light.  This last one is one of my favorites, people who work indoors have higher skin cancer rates than those who work outdoors all day.  Yes, all three of those facts are true.

I'm not asking you to support people who have to be the tannest of tan people but, I am asking you to support moderation.  It is ok for you and your children to have sun exposure for a couple hours a week or to visit a tanning salon in the winter months for a few minutes a couple times a week.  I promise you will have a more positive attitude and it will be doing wonders to yours health!

Happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's that time again!  Winter is here and we are going on our annual trip to Fort Myers Beach Florida with the family.  I'm not a big fan of winter normally, but these last couple of weeks I've been prepping my skin for that Florida sun by heading to the tanner a couple of times a week.  I must say, it has taken a huge effect on me, a positive one.  When I tan a few times a week, moderately, my mood is better, I have more energy and plus I'm much more confident with glowing skin.  It's a huge bonus for me, because I'm doing my skin a huge favor by saving my skin from the hot sun and chemical sunscreen.

I know many are against anything to do with the sun or a tanning bed but, I feel for that, they are doing themselves a huge disservice.  For those who won't go near a tanning bed, but also choose to be anti sun are hurting themselves even worse than those who are just against tan bans.  I know I've said it numerous times but, it still stands true, God made the sun, we need the sun, the light to survive.  Not only do we need it but, plants, animals, everything needs it!  If you were to type in "vitamin D" into a web search and stories upon stories will pop up about studies on how vitamin D has been proven to cure this disease or that cancer or how it can help prevent many different sicknesses.  It literally can help prevent or cure over 100 different diseases and cancers, but yet that's still not enough evidence for people because they are in such of fear of getting skin cancer!  Good luck people, I'm sure those cigarettes or alcohol or whatever other unhealthy habit it is you do won't get to you first!!!  Dermatologists and sunscreen companies have done such a good job fabricating the truth and scaring the shit out of people, people have no clue what's really good for them anymore.  Here is an article that is a MUST READ that was recently published on about how a study shows more than 90 Percent of Melanoma Surgeries are Unnecessary.  Click here to read it! If more people knew this, I don't think they would be so prompt to get every single mole removed because their doctor makes them think they may have cancer but, most cases turn out that they don't.  There is so much important information in that article, I think many of you will have a wake up call.

I know I may get a few looks for being tan in the winter, or may get in an argument with someone because they're trying to tell me tanning is bad but, I end up proving them wrong, time and time again but, it's all worth it to me.  It gives me a chance to educate those properly all while doing myself, my body a huge favor by giving myself vitamin D from one of the best sources possible.  This is such a sensitive topic for me since it's something I've supported for a long time but, it's not only about me anymore, someone else is counting on me to be there for him day in and day out and he needs me to be healthy for him.  My baby boy is my world, I'm his mother that he plays with all day long but I also nurse him numerous times a day so, I want what's best for him.  I provide his nutrients and although he doesn't get his vitamin D from me, he depends on me for everything else and he has a better chance at staying healthy if I'm healthy as well.  It just goes to show you cannot depend on your diet for your vitamin D.  If that were the case, Nolan would be able to get all of his from me since I'm a moderate tanner with adequate  vitamin D levels.    

Do yourself a favor everyone, educate yourself, look information up online other than a site ran by dermatologists or sunscreen companies, I promise you will find things that could change your whole perspective on UV light!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Working out could be saving your memory

The article title read, "A workout a day keeps dementia away."  I immediately opened it since my fiancĂ©'s grandpa suffers from Alzheimer's and I know his grandma is willing to try anything to make him better.  Obviously, nobody has a cure but, anything could help, right?!  With medicine from the doctor, to putting coconut oil in his coffee every morning, we're all hoping to see some sort of change.  When I saw this article, it made me think to myself, what if working out a few times a week really does help your memory.  I mean in a way, it kind of makes sense to me because exercise is so good for the body.

The study had over 600 participants between the ages 65 and 84 and each of the participants brain showed early warning signs of dementia.  The participants were followed over a period of three years and over that time they had their brains scanned on a regular basis.  They were being assessed on the cognitive ability and how much they exercised.  To read more on the details, you can click here..., there are other links on there to click as well for more information.

While there is good news, there was bad news too.  Participants that worked out at least 3 times a week lowered their chances of getting dementia by 40% in comparison to those with less activity!  Now to me, that's great news, the exercising was most effective towards vascular dementia, which is a type of non-alzheimer's dementia that is caused by low blood flow to the brain.  The doctors tracked the white matter on the participants brain that is linked to dementia that you can see on MRI scans.  All participants showed changes in white matter at the beginning of the study on many different levels and they were to make sure to take into account other factors but, the protective effects of exercise still held.

The bad news was that, exercise didn't seem to specifically affect  the risk of developing Alzheimer's.  Now, don't get me wrong, I had high hopes when I saw this article that it could make a big difference in grandpas life and I was a little bummed when I saw that it wouldn't really help his case but, it is good to know it can make a difference in others lives.  I mean I know it's a no brainer and everyone should exercise but, to know I'm preventing one more thing that could possibly happen to me when I get older, makes me feel a lot better.

I hope everyone out there takes their health as serious as I do.  Our body is very sacred and it's so important to keep it pure.  Exercise, sunshine and eating right are three major things people need to stay healthy and they're very easy to do.  If you need guidance or ever have questions, make sure to ask your doctor, you could be saving a few years to your life!  All in all though, I really hope we can find a cure for this horrible disease that affects so many people in our country today.  It happens to the best of us and those wonderful people we love and it's so disturbing to have to sit there and not be able to do much about it.  To those who have loved ones suffering, stay strong, I applaud you for being there and being supportive to that person who is suffering!  Good things are coming your way!!