Monday, December 17, 2012

Anti Teen Tan Ban

Alright, I've had enough of this.  I've read articles over the past year and even more so these last few months about a teen tan ban, meaning kids under 18 are prohibited from using a tanning bed. The Government is even going as far as telling salons if they get caught letting minors tan, they will be hit with a huge fine. I have a HUGE problem with this.  Being a parent, this is a decision I should be able to make for my child who is under 18, it shouldn't be up to the government. The information that is being provided to them during this whole issue is so one sided and a lot of it, untrue.  Dermatologists are the biggest problem we have because they are really doing everyone a disservice by telling people not to go out in the sun without sunscreen on or to never step foot in a tanning bed.  People need the UV rays for survival, just like we need water, that's the reason why God created the sun!

After reading this article published about a month ago, it made even more sense to me, Dermatologists are all about the money.  It someone told you that a study shows that 90% of Melanoma Surgeries are unnecessary, would you believe it?  Well, you better because it's true, check it out!!

What a great scare tactic on their part, brilliant non the less making people that they may have skin cancer and making sure to scare them out of the sun or a tanning bed for the rest of their life.  While doing this, you're about to cause a whirlwind of other sicknesses, diseases and even cancers.  How you ask?  Well, the sun and tanning beds are your number one provider of vitamin D, you take that away and you start to see your vitamin D levels decrease immensely.  Yes, there are still supplements BUT, like any other supplement you take, you should know your body disposes of that when you use the restroom, especially if you drink a lot of liquids during the day, it's basically in and out and you're not getting the maximum out of your supplements.  If you're been following my blog or any of my posts on sites, you will come to know how passionate I am on vitamin D, there is a good reason for that, it's because it's SO important to your health.  It literally can prevent or even help cure over 100 different diseases and cancers.  Crazy, huh?  Something as simple as vitamin D could actually save your life and you don't even have to spend money on it!!  The sad part is, there are so many people staying out of the sun and tanning beds now, you will see more people getting sick.

My biggest problem with this teen tan ban is that there is no real proof.  Just because someone went in a tanning bed 10 years ago one time and now they have skin cancer does NOT mean it's from that one tanning experience.  That's the funny part, there are articles that are based on situations like that.  If someone doesn't want their child tanning before they turn 18, let that be the parents decision.  No professional tanning salon should let a child under 18 tanning without a parents consent anyway.  If they do, then that's a salon you want to avoid because they obviously aren't about following all the rules.  If you support this tan ban, please make sure you do some solid research before you are 100% behind it.  I mean I could list off a number of FACTS that I'm sure would really surprise you.  Such as, most melanomas are found in spots that aren't usually seen by the sun, like the scalp or behind your ears.  Tell me, how would a tanning bed or the sun cause that?  Or that if you were a skin type one, you could get skin cancer without ever being exposed to UV light.  This last one is one of my favorites, people who work indoors have higher skin cancer rates than those who work outdoors all day.  Yes, all three of those facts are true.

I'm not asking you to support people who have to be the tannest of tan people but, I am asking you to support moderation.  It is ok for you and your children to have sun exposure for a couple hours a week or to visit a tanning salon in the winter months for a few minutes a couple times a week.  I promise you will have a more positive attitude and it will be doing wonders to yours health!

Happy holidays everyone!


  1. I am sorry but I have to disagree on much of what you have to say regarding the ban. Melanoma appears in some areas not exposed to the sun, but the scalp and top of the ears are definatley areas that receive a lot of sun. Tanning beds do affect your immune system function and thus make you more vulnerable to cancer. Many MS patients think that by tannning at a salon they are improving their health, and that used to be the belief. It is no longer the belief in many large neurolgy practices. A neurologist I spoke with stated that most people need Vit D supplements and that a tanning bed is not a way to get your vitamin D. If all this information is false you would not see the bans you see today. You say as a parent you should decide what your minor children are exposed to. Well many studies have been done and most salons do not enforce the rules regarding parental consent for minors. We have rules for purchase of alcohol and cigarettes and I believe we should also have rules for tanning. There is no benefit whatsoever to a child tanning at a salon, not to mention the fact that it also causes premature aging. Tanning at an indoor salon is classed aa a class A carcinogen meaning that we KNOW not suspect that it does cause cancer and the risk is the same as exposure to asbestos and cigarette smoke. I am sure you would not purchase cigarettes for your child. I am very proud of my children for being very supportive of the ban and for lobbying for it to be instituted here in Ontario,Canada

  2. I'm sorry to hear you disagree, Ban the tan, but this information isn’t my opinion – it’s fact. Vitamin D is a hormone that regulates almost EVERY single cell of your body. Vitamin D supplements are NOT natural, and your body cannot regulate intake naturally like it can from sun exposure or going in a tanning bed for a few minutes a couple times a week.

    As far as your argument about the head and scalp receiving lots of sun…tell me why when people shave their heads it is completely white? Is that because it is exposed to the sun? I'm just curious as to how you say it is exposed to the sun very often, when the majority of the time people's hair covers their head…same thing with the ears, maybe it's a little different story for men. If you could get me the information saying that it affects your immune system, I might believe you, but I’ve never heard of any scientific data to back that up.

    Unfortunately, I’m also not sure where you’re getting your info about MS. In reality, there’s more and more research recently connecting vitamin D (and specifically sun exposure) to lower rates of MS. Try Googling it. For instance: “Study after study also has shown that where you live may determine whether or not you get MS. The farther you are away from the equator, the more likely you are to get MS. The disease is much more common in the upper Midwest, Canada, England and Scandinavia than in Mexico, Greece or Ecuador.” >>>

    As for your class A carcinogen argument, have you looked at that list and seen what else is on there? It is also on the same list as wood and leather dust. Tanning beds were categorized this way because they emit the same photons as the SUN, which is also in the category. Comparing tanning beds to cigarettes is absolutely ridiculous – there is nothing comparable at all. Whether you want to admit it or not, there are definitive benefits to tanning. And, contrary to popular believe, there is no definitive link between tanning and melanoma. While there is surely some risk associated with overdoing it, there’s no doubt a reasonable argument that the benefits of moderate tanning outweigh the risk.

    I'm sorry that you one among the crowd and believe everything you read. Did you know most studies that are done on tanning beds include data from medical use and home tanning units? When you remove this data, there is no statistically significant increase in melanoma from use at professional salons. It’s all about how it’s used. How ironic that doctors attack tanning salons based on information that really blames their own practices, right?

    The majority of the time, there is no changing the minds of people like you because you've been set in your ways of slathering sunscreen on you and your families skin day in a day out and won't step foot in the sun, but I do believe there are other people out there that will realize they are hurting themselves and their family members by doing that exact same practice. So if you are against tanning beds, are you against going outside when it's sunny too? If you are, why did God create the sun? You don't think we need it to live? If you aren't, how are you comfortable going out in the sun but not in a tanning bed? A tanning bed is much more of a controlled environment than the sun, especially if you're going to a professional salon.